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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
1. Scope of the Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy shall govern the Contractual and Statutory Relationship between the Website/ Publisher and the User(s) / Student(s). This Privacy Policy must be read together with Terms and Conditions, Delivery, Refund and Cancellation Policy, Disclaimer, End User Licence Agreement (EULA) as amended and updated (hereinafter referred to as Legal Documents) and all of these Legal Documents shall collectively and holistically govern the relationship and use of this Website and its Services by the User(s) / Student(s).

2. Objective of Privacy Policy
Through this Privacy Policy, Website intends to provide the User(s) / Student(s) a safe, protected and reliable environment to use the Link available in the Website and its Services. The User(s) / Student(s) understands, acknowledges and agrees that the data or information that is transmitted over the Internet in the form of Chat, E-Mail, User Authentication, Accounts Login, etc is inherently exposed to cyber and data security risks or threats. By accessing and using the Website, the User(s) / Student(s) absolutely and unconditionally agree that the Website shall not be held liable in any manner and under any circumstances whatsoever for any compromise of information or data transmitting / transmitted through the Internet.

3. Handling of Personal Information and Data
Website collects, receives, possesses, stores, deals, shares or handles information of the User(s) / Student(s) in order to provide best possible Services to them in a Proper, Legal and Authorised manner. The User(s) / Student(s) may get familiar with the details of the information and data collected and processed by the Website through our Privacy Policy. The User(s) / Student(s) have absolutely and unambiguously read, understood and agreed to this practice of the Website. If the User(s) / Student(s) do not agree with this Privacy Policy or any of the Legal Documents, they may cease to use the Website and its Services.

4. Nature of Information Collected
Website respects your Privacy and Data and assures the User(s) / Student(s) that any information provided by the User(s) / Student(s) to the Website will be protected and dealt with in accordance with this Policy. Website will not provide, distribute, trade, sell or rent your name, e-mail address or other personal information provided on this Website to any third party or information related to your usage of the Website, except as provided in this Privacy Policy, Legal Documents and as per the Applicable Laws of various Jurisdictions, including India.

5. Information Collected By Website
Website collects, uses and analyses the following information, data and details by automatic and, wherever applicable, manual processes and methods:
(a) Registration Purposes: To avail the Services provided by the Publisher in its Website, the User(s) / Student(s) shall have to provide certain information to Website including the User(s) / Student(s)’s Username, Password, Mobile Number, a valid Email address, etc.
(b) Promotional And Referral Purposes: The User(s) / Student(s) give an absolute and unconditional right to Website to send, offer and display “Promotional and Other Offers” from time to time to the User(s) / Student(s) accessing and using the Website. The User(s) / Student(s) may “opt out” of receiving any promotional communications either by choosing to opt out where such option is made available on our Website or the Services or in an E-Mail you receive from Website, or at any time by sending an E-Mail, or by writing to us at Customer Service.
(c) Advertisement Purposes: The User(s) / Student(s) give an absolute and unconditional right to Website to display and offer online advertisements to the User(s) / Student(s) of Website. The User(s) / Student(s) also agree and acknowledge that when they use Website’s Referral Program for referring someone, the Website will send E-Mails to that person on the User(s) / Student(s)’s behalf and the E-Mail headers will carry the User(s) / Student(s)’s E-Mail address as the address from which such emails are sent.
(d) Compliance Purposes: The User(s) / Student(s) participating in any of the paid Scholarship or Educational Quiz / Competition / Tournaments organized by Website must provide the information requested including Name, Date of Birth, Telephone number, Postal / Contact address, PAN number etc. (as applicable), and such other personal information as demanded / requested by Website to confirm legal and valid human identity of such User(s) / Student(s).
(e) Technical And Functionality Purposes: Website also collects and stores, in an automatic manner, information such as Internet Protocol Address (IP Address), Browser Type and Language, the Date and the Time during which you accessed the Website, the referring URLs that User(s) / Student(s) used to visit the Website, etc. Further, while visiting the website, cookies may be placed on the Computer/Devices of the User(s) / Student(s) so that their use and experience can be personalised. Cookies would also be used for the purposes of authentication, content management and security. Advertisers, i.e. the Website as well as the third party Advertisers / Advertising Agencies, both would also use Cookies for advertisement purposes. These third party advertisers exclusively manage / control the Cookies relating to the advertisements placed by them on the Website and whenever a User(s) / Student(s) clicks on any such advertisement, such third party advertisers will have various information about the User(s) / Student(s) clicking on such advertisements. Website shall not be accountable / liable for mode / modalities used by such third party cookies.
(f) Website Stats and Analysis Purposes: Website may also use software applications and other analytical methods for Website traffic analysis and to gather statistics. The information so gathered shall be used for advertising and for determining the efficacy and popularity of the Website among the public at large.
6. Information Dealing and Sharing
Website shall have the absolute right to hold, manage, process, supply or share the information provided by User(s) / Student(s) as per its Policies, Legal Documents and any Applicable Laws for the time being in force. These Laws may include Laws of India and other Foreign Jurisdictions. Website may share the information or data of User(s) / Student(s) for the following purposes:
(a) Legal Compliance: Without prejudice to our Powers and Rights under the Policies, Legal Documents and any Applicable Law(s), Website shall have the Absolute Right to share Personal Information and Data including, but not limited to, Passwords, Financial Information such as Bank Account or Credit Card or Debit Card or other Payment Instrument details, Address, E-Mails, Telephone Numbers including Mobile Number, etc with any Law Enforcement Agency of India or worldwide or with any Person or Organisation as per the requirements of any Applicable Indian or Foreign Law(s). The Website may also share personally identifiable information if sharing of such information is necessary to comply with Legal Processes or Governmental Requests, or to enforce the Legal Documents of this Website, or for Prevention Of Fraud, or for issues involving Information Security, or to protect User(s) / Student(s)’ rights or the rights of the Website or the rights of the General Public.
(b) Public Information: Any information that is freely available or accessible in the public domain or furnished under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or any other Indian or Foreign Law for the time being in force shall not be regarded as sensitive personal data or information for the purposes of this Privacy Policy and the same shall not be entitled to any sort of Privacy or Data Protection. Website has Absolute Right to share any such Information or Data with any Person, Organisation, Agency, whether Government or Private, etc and shall have no obligation to protect the same from access or Non Disclosure..
(c) Marketing, Analysis, Research And SEO: Website conducts periodic analysis and survey of the traffic to the Website for Market Research, Advertising and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) purposes. The Website reserves the right to share User(s) / Student(s) registration information with Website’s appointed market research and advertising companies or SEO firms from time to time for the said purposes. The Website may also use cumulative non-personal information for auditing and analysis purposes with the aim of improving its Services.
(d) Change Of Ownership By Efflux of Law: If Website should ever file for bankruptcy, or become insolvent, or be acquired by a third party, merge with a third party, sell all or part of its assets including the Website and its contents, or transfer substantially all or part of its relevant assets to a third party, Website is entitled to share the Personal Information and all other information the User(s) / Student(s) has provided through the Services to potential and subsequent business and merger partners. The person/institution in whose favour any such transfer takes place shall be governed by the Legal Documents of this Website including this Privacy Policy.
(e) Third Party Financial Services: In order to effectively utilise online book link/ educational services of Website, the User(s) / Student(s) will be required to make online payment of appropriate selling price, fee(s), charges, etc to Website. This essentially involves using the services of third-party electronic payment processors and/or financial institutions (ESPs) to process such financial transactions. By accepting this Privacy Policy and other Legal Documents of the Website, the User(s) / Student(s) expressly consent that Personal Information necessary for the processing of financial transactions can be shared by Website with such ESPs. Website shall enter into a “Non Disclosure Agreement” with these ESPs so that information and data of the User(s) / Student(s) can be adequately protected.
(f) Security And Compliance Exercises: Website and/or its authorised agent(s) shall have absolute and unfettered Right to conduct a security review or due diligence exercise at any time to validate User(s) / Student(s)’ identity, age, the registration data provided by them and to verify their use of the Services and financial transactions for potential breach of Website’s Legal Documents or any Applicable Law, whether Indian or Foreign, for the time being in force. By using the Website, User(s) / Student(s) absolutely authorize Website, its staff, agents and suppliers to use User(s) / Student(s)’ Personal Information and to disclose such Personal Information to third parties for the purposes of validating the information User(s) / Student(s) provided to the Website.
7. Written Consent In Favour of Website
By using the Website, User(s) / Student(s) clearly and unambiguously agree to grant an unconditional, permanent and absolute consent to Website to the collection and use of this information by the Website and its partners and affiliates as mentioned by this Privacy Policy and other Legal Documents. By accessing and using the Website and its Services, the User(s) / Student(s) are deemed to have granted this permission to Website in writing and no further consent or permission is required to be taken by Website from the User(s) / Student(s) in this regard whatsoever.

8. Security Features
In order to ensure lawful and authorised usage of its services, intellectual property rights (IPRs) and proprietary contents at all times by the User(s) / Student(s), Website will use Software and other Technological Methods (hereinafter referred to as “Security Features”) so that any unauthorised usage of website or piracy or Copyright / Trademark infringement of its proprietary contents can be kept at bay. Our Security Features are designed to detect use of automated programs (Bots). Use of any “Bots” or any Software Programs not pre approved by Website violates Website’s Terms and Conditions and other Legal Documents. Website absolutely prohibit any such activity and in order to ensure that no such activity occurs at the Website or in relation to its digital and non digital contents, Website may take such actions as it deems reasonable in its sole discretion.

9. External Websites
The Website may contain automated links to other websites. Such websites are governed by their own Privacy Policies and the Website does not exercise any control over them. It is exclusive and sole responsibility of the User(s) / Student(s) to read and understand the Privacy Policy of such websites and to ensure their legitimacy and cyber security when they follow a link outside the Website.
10. Opt Out Policy
The User(s) / Student(s) have the option of not providing the information asked by Website or to withdraw the information or data so provided subsequently as per the Privacy Policy and other Legal Documents of the Website. However, if the User(s) / Student(s) wishes, not to share any information or data initially or decides subsequently to withdraw the information or data so already shared, Website shall have absolute right to withhold all access to and Services of the Website and the User(s) / Student(s) shall not raise any objection in this regard. Any withdrawal of the consent to share information or data shall be sent in writing to the Website / Grievance Office / Customer Care personnel.

11. Modification of the Privacy Policy
Website may periodically make changes to this Privacy Policy and will post the modified terms on our Website. We strongly recommend that the User(s) / Student(s) read, analyse and understand this Privacy Policy from time to time. Website has no obligation to inform the User(s) / Student(s) about any change in our Privacy Policy or other Legal Documents and the User(s) / Student(s)are solely responsible to keep themselves updated about our Privacy Policy and other Legal Documents by frequently visiting the Website.
12. Corrections by Users
The User(s) / Student(s) may correct or modify any information or data provided to the Website provided such correction or modification is not against Privacy Policy of other Legal Documents of the Website. Website shall not be responsible for the authenticity of the personal information or sensitive personal data or information supplied by the User(s) / Student(s) in any case whatsoever.

13. Information Retention Period
Website will not retain the information provided by the User(s) / Student(s) for any period longer than is required for the purposes for which the information may lawfully be used or is otherwise required under any other Law for the time being in force.
14. Grievance Redressal Mechanism
Website has a designated Grievance Officer and he/she can be contacted at [email protected] through E-mail. The Grievance Officer would redress the grievances of the User(s) / Student(s) expeditiously and within one month from the date of receipt of grievance.
15. Copyright
Website holds an exclusive, absolute, valid and lawful Copyright over the Terms and Conditions, Delivery, Refund and Cancellation Policy, Disclaimer, End User Licence Agreement (EULA) and other Legal Documents available on Link/ Website. Any Unauthorised Copying and Using of these Legal Documents or any part thereof is strictly prohibited as per the provisions of Indian Copyright Act, 1957 and other Intellectual Property Rights related and other Laws of India and other Jurisdictions. Website reserves the right to prosecute any offender in this regard.


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